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Fire Buckets 
Plastic fire buckets are brilliant for areas that will be exposed to the outside elements such as garage forecourts as they don't corrode. The buckets have a 10 litre capacity.
Bucket Made of Steel
Traditional metal fire .
Fire Bucket Absorbent Filling
Flamezorb is formed from specially coated sawdust giving it excellent absorbent properties. It is also very lightweight making it easier to use especially on clear-up operations.
Dry Sand For Fire Buckets
12.5kg bag of fire sand is specially sourced dry sand for fire fighting applications.
Fire Blankets
Clam fire blankets are an ideal option for areas with limited space as the front loading case design allows the blanket to be uk replica watches released from the top, reducing the space needed to replica watches activate. The K100 cloth is double sided white silicone coated glasscloth which replica watches uk is the best performing fire blanket material in the range.
Fire Blanket
'MINIPOD' works in the same way as the POD containers but is about half the size! Only 99mm wide, this blanket hardly takes up any wall space at all. The K100 cloth is double sided white silicone coated glasscloth which is the best performing fire blanket material in the range.
Fire Blanket
The 'POD' Fire blanket with its K30 cloth is one of the most popular items in our range. The case is a durable single-piece moulded design with an opening at the base for the blanket to be pulled out of. The K30 cloth is an uncoated glasscloth in a twill weave which performs excellently in fire tests.
Welding Screen Stand
Manufactured in high quality durable steel tubing, this stand is mounted on industrial grade castors to allow it to be moved around easily. It comes supplied with a flame retardant, reinforced translucent red PVC screen.
Welding Screen Stand
Welding Protection
We have a selection of welding drapes in both medium and heavy duty in a variety of sizes. 
hchome_b.gif fireextinguisherskent001017.gif Fire Extinguisher Box
Extinguisher Storage
These strong, rotationally moulded extinguisher cabinets have high performance neoprene seal which makes them fully weatherproof. This unit is slightly larger than the HS72 double cabinet so it has the capacity to take two larger extinguishers and a small extinguisher also.
fire extinguisher point
Manufactured as a non-GRP construction, this double fire extinguisher is suitable for use in food preparation areas. It also features a skirting board cut out to allow this to be put right up to the wall (removing the chance of dirt collection behind the stand). The stand can take any size of portable extinguisher.
  • Single and double variants available 
  • Non-GRP construction
  • Suitable for use in food prep areas
  • Features skirting board cut out

  • Single Fire Plinth
    These composite fire points have a recess for a 6-9kg/l fire extinguisher and another recess to accommodate a 2kg CO2 extinguisher. This is possibly the most common in the whole range of composite fire points as it can take the popular combination of a 6 litre foam and a 2kg CO2 extinguisher. The plastic is not Glass Reinforced (non-GRP) which makes it suitable for food preparation areas and clean room areas.
    Mobile fire points
    Single, double and triple variants available which can also incorporate a rotary alarm bell, sand bucket mountings. All versions have rubber wheels and are easy to move.

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